10″Jumbo Big Blue PVDF Membrane Filter Cartridge

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-Material : PVDF Membrane
-Dimension : 10″( L ) x 4.5″ ( OD )
-Density Up To 0.01 Micron
-Remove up to 99.9% impurities
-Material of hollow fiber capillary: PAN (polyacrylonitrile)
-Function : Remove sand ,dirt ,sediment removes suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, and other particulate matter.
-Easy Cleaning Process ( ReWash Function)
-Feature : High Flow Rate
-Filter life : 24 months

10″Jumbo Big Blue PVDF Membrane Filter Cartridge

PVDF membrane is an important form of separation membrane, the membrane pores are capillary, there are about 6 billions micropores are located on the wall of the tube with 1m long tube, whose pore size is ≤0.03pm.
The solution is based on whether its components can be purified, separated and concentrated through these micropores.
Under certain pressure, the hollow fiber membrane is the filtration media, the differential pressure between the two sides of the tube is the driving force, when the raw water flows into the internal of hollow fiber membrane tube, this micropore only allows the water molecules, the beneficial minerals and the trace elements to pass through the membrane wall and the large particles, whose pore size is≥0.03um, such as bacteria(the smallest bacteria is 20.02um). SS(suspended solids), colloids, rusts, mud, sands, the macromolecular organic matter and so on will be intercepted.

Material Composition:
10″Jumbo Big Blue PVDF membranes are composed of a thermoplastic polymer called Polyvinylidene fluoride. This material is known for its high purity, stability, and resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer that serves as the primary material for PVDF membranes


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Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions11.7 × 11.7 × 25.4 cm


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