Activated Carbon Outdoor Water Filter System


Model: Activated Carbon Outdoor Water Filter System (0942=9 x42 Inch)(1044=10 x44 Inch)
Warranty: 10Years (Body Casing)
Value Size: 1 Inch
Media Capacity: 25 kgs/unit
Overall Weight: 30 kgs/unit
Min Working Pressure: 25 psi
Max Working Pressure: 120

Flow rate 33L/min
Max pressure 150psi
No electricity required .Ideal for domestic / industrial / restaurant use
Fast and easy installation
Space saving .Economical and convenience .Low maintenance fees
Multi stage filtration .Reverse back wash system .
Extend the life span of various water utensil and water heaters .Pressure gauge include
Food grade poly glass inner shell

Activated Carbon Outdoor Water Filter is mainly used to remove organic matter, odor, residual chlorine, etc. in water.
Effect: highly adsorbent and can effectively adsorb organic dissolved matter and some chemicals, improve the taste of water, remove odors, and provide cleaner water sources. It also helps remove some harmful substances, making the water purer.

Comprehensive Filtration: Our whole house water filter utilizes advanced activated carbon technology to remove a wide range of contaminants. From sediment and chlorine to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and unpleasant odors, this system guarantees water that not only looks and tastes better but is also healthier for your entire household.

Improved Water Quality: The activated carbon filtration process effectively eliminates impurities, resulting in water that is crisp, clear, and devoid of any unpleasant aftertaste. Say goodbye to the worries of impure water affecting your cooking, drinking, and bathing experiences.

Invest in the health and well-being of your family with our Activated Carbon Whole House Water Filter. Experience the difference of pure, clean water throughout your home and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, advanced filtration solution.

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Weight30 kg
Dimensions23 × 23 × 107 cm


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