Commercial Water Purifier System 2 Stage Filtration

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NAME: Ultrafiltration Water Purifier FLN-PFA4
SIZE: 11.8cm x 25cm x 61cm
SOURCE: Municipal Tap Water
FLOW: ~6.7L/min
PRESSURE: 0.1-0.4MPa

Commercial Water Purifier System 2 Stage Filtration Suitable Coffice Machine, Milk Tea or Coffee Shop

Ultrafiltration Tech: Ensures pure and safe drinking water.
Compact Design: Fits seamlessly into your space.
Municipal Tap Compatible: Ideal for daily water needs.
High Flow: ~6.7L/min for a steady supply.
Generous Capacity: 1.2m³ total net water.
Adaptable Pressure: Works efficiently from 0.1-0.4MPa.
User-Friendly: Easy installation and daily use.

Wide Applicability: Commercial Water Purifier System Suitable for various establishments such as milk tea shops, tearooms, restaurants, fast-food outlets, supermarkets, coffee shops, and convenience stores, providing water quality assurance for diverse businesses.

No Electricity and Waste Water: Utilizes advanced multiple filtration technologies for pure water treatment without the need for electrical support, ensuring zero wastewater discharge.

Retention of Beneficial Minerals: Effectively retains beneficial minerals during the filtration process, ensuring clean water while preserving elements beneficial to human health.

Multiple Filtration Combinations: Offers a variety of cartridge combinations to meet different water purification needs, with 15″ and 18″ cartridge options.

Real-Time Water Pressure Monitoring: Equipped with real-time water pressure monitoring for timely detection of abnormal water supply, ensuring water safety.

Multilayered Fine Filtration: Utilizes various filter cartridges, including folded membranes, activated carbon fiber, melt-blown layers, hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membranes, silver-loaded activated carbon, etc., achieving multi-level and multi-stage filtration to effectively remove impurities.

PAC (Polyaluminum Chloride):
Function: Coagulation and flocculation for the removal of impurities, pH adjustment, disinfection, turbidity reduction, and color removal in water treatment.

UF (Ultrafiltration) Membrane:
Function: Filtration for separating particles based on size, pathogen removal, molecular weight cut-off for selective separation, concentration, and clarification in water purification processes.

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Weight5 kg
Dimensions11.8 × 25 × 61 cm


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