Hot Cold Ambient Water Dispenser Direct Paping Model-2905-3C

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-Hot Cold Ambient Direct Paping Water Dispenser
-Model 2905-3C
-Warranty: 12 months
-Color White
-Type: Table Top
-Dimensions: 29x 44 x 51cm
-Heating Power: 510W
-Voltage : 220V~240V
-Frequency: 50Hz
-Water Tank Capacity:
-(Hot) 1.5liter~ (Cold) 3.2liter (Ambient)0.8liter
-Water Temperature : (Hot) 80°C ~ 95°C (Cold) 5°C ~ 10°C
-Desktop Water Dispenser
-Hot Cold Normal Compressor Cooling Water Dispenser
-Indicator Light
-Convenient And Save Time To Make Hot Drink
-Electronics Temperature Control
-High efficient heating element
-Over heat prevention
-Contamination Resistance
-Child Lock for Hot Button
-Over Heat Prevention System
-SUS 304 Stretched Heating

4 filter (Halal Cert Korea filter )
Designed to remove suspended solids, which are also known as sediment, turbidity, or particulate. A sediment filter essentially functions like a net that catches unwanted dirt particles as your water flows through the system
2) Pre Carbon Filter
To remove residual chlorine, pigments, odor & coloring that harmful to human body
3) UF Mambrane
To enhance the taste of water. Removes organic chemical substance including remaining chlorine contents in the water and assist the function of membrane as well as increasing lifespan
4)Post Carbon Filter
To break down water into smaller clusters for easier body absorption. Alkaline water also improve body detoxification process & metabolism rates.

Hot Cold Ambient Water Dispenser is designed to provide you with a versatile and reliable solution for your hydration needs. Here are some key features and benefits:

4Korea Filter: We’ve incorporated a high-quality 4Korea filter into our dispenser to ensure exceptional water quality. This advanced filtration system effectively removes impurities, contaminants, and odors, providing you with clean and refreshing water.

Halal Certification: Our Hot Cold Ambient Water Dispenser is accompanied by Halal certification, which signifies that it meets the strict dietary requirements of Islamic law. This certification ensures that the water dispensed is in compliance with Halal standards.

SIRIM Certification: SIRIM certification is a mark of quality and safety. With our dispenser, you can have peace of mind knowing that it has undergone rigorous testing and meets the standards set by SIRIM, a reputable certification body



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Weight18 kg
Dimensions29 × 44 × 51 cm


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