Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator Portable

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Product name Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator Portable
-400mlWater Capacity
-800-1300ppb Hydrogen content
-240*70mm Product Dimension
-MaterialbABS/Aluminum alloy/PC
-Charging PortvType-C charging cable
-Battery Capacityb 850mAh
-TechnologybSPE PEM Water Electrolysis
-Times of full charge usage15-20 cups
-Keyword H2 Water Bottle G

* SPE electrolytic technology (No Residual Chlorine);
* Intelligent high pressure hydrogen solution technology(Pressure Release Valve);
* Can be used as a hydrogen inhaler
* Portable & Multifunctional( It can connect over 90% of mineral water bottles).

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Hydrogen Water Bottle, known by its Japanese name, defies the belief that hydrogen is insoluble. Thanks to nano-gas-liquid mixing technology, it achieves high concentration and stability, promoting a unique combination of hydrogen and water.

What is Hydrogen Water Bottle?
The text comes from 360 Encyclopedia, involving the document “Natural Medicine”
Hydrogen Water uses the original Japanese name directly. Because “hydrogen” in Japanese means “hydrogen”, some people also call it “hydrogen water”, and it is also called hydrogen-rich water in China.
Research on hydrogen-rich water began in 2007 with the first hydrogen biology paper in Nature Medicine. Common sense tells us that hydrogen is insoluble in water. In the chemistry experiment on preparing hydrogen in middle school, we used the drainage method to collect hydrogen. The main reason is that hydrogen is insoluble in water. In fact, hydrogen is not insoluble in water, but its solubility is indeed relatively low.
If calculated according to molar concentration, water dissolves 101 at 20°C, and the concentration of pure hydrogen at 325kPa is 0.92mmol/L. How to improve and maintain the concentration and stability of saturated hydrogen water is a scientific research problem in the application of hydrogen medicine. The invention of domestic nano-gas-liquid mixing technology has overcome the scientific problem of hydrogen being insoluble in water. It uses physical methods to evenly wrap hydrogen molecules with water, promoting a stable combination of hydrogen and water. It has the characteristics of high hydrogen concentration and good stability.

Origins of Hydrogen Water:
Renowned “miracle waters” in Lourdes, Nordenau, and Lafayette draw millions for their extraordinary properties. The key lies in their exceptionally high hydrogen content, a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body. Scientists have finally unraveled the 150-year-old mystery behind the magic of “Miracle Water.”

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Dimensions7 × 7 × 24 cm


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