Montly Rental Water Dispenser RM20/Month Hot & Warm (Available For Klang Valley Only)

Term and Condition

-5 Years Contract Rental Hot Warm Water Dispenser
-RM20/Months rental payment charge until 5 years (RM20x 60 mths = RM1200)

Payment Collect Every 6month
Example: Monthly RM20x6month=RM120 Rental Charge payment rate
(5Year Contract Payment Rate)

1st payment RM120 + deposit RM350 = RM470
2nd payment@ 6 months RM120
3rd payment@ 12 months RM120
4th payment@ 18 months RM120
5th payment@ 24 months RM120
6th payment@ 30 months RM120
7th payment@ 36 months RM120
8th payment@ 42 months RM120
9th payment@ 48 months RM120
10th payment@ 54 months RM120
60th months last filter replacement services.
Contract finished. Deposit refundable RM350 to subscribe

Rental Contract benefit :-
-FREE Delivery Service
-FREE Installation Klangvalley
-FREE Service Tank Cleaning & Sterilisation Service
-FREE Maintenance Warranty (Up to 60 Months!)
-FREE Flushing & 2pcs Filter replacement every 6 months
-FREE After 5th years rental, water dispenser belongs to subscriber.

Montly Rental Water Dispenser RM20/Month Hot & Warm

Made In China
Model PW-Aux-white
Power Consumption Hot 550W
Water Tank Capacityn Hot 1.5L
Product Weight (2.8KG)
Packing Size (CM) (L) 32″ x (W) 25″ x (H/D) 38″

•Desktop Water Dispenser
•Hot Normal Water Dispenser
•Indicator Light
•Convenient And Save Time To Make Hot Drink
•Electronics Temperature Control
•High efficient heating element
•Over heat prevention
•Contamination Resistance
•Over Heat Prevention System
•SUS 304 Stretched Heating
•Tank Capcity Hot-1L Warm-Unlimited

3 filter (Halal Korea Technology filter ) Montly Rental Water Dispenser
Designed to remove suspended solids, which are also known as sediment, turbidity, or particulate. A sediment filter essentially functions like a net that catches unwanted dirt particles as your water flows through the system
2) Pre CARBON Filter
To remove residual chlorine, pigments, odor & coloring that harmful to human body
3) Post Carbon Filter
To enhance the taste of water. Removes organic chemical substance including remaining chlorine contents in the water and assist the function of membrane as well as increasing lifespan

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