Reverse Osmosis System Undersink With Stand 5 Stages Water Purifier System

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-Product name: Under-Sink Stand Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
-Use: Home Household Water Purifier
-Feature: Stand Type Bracket
-Function: Pressure Meter Monitoring
-OEM: Support
-Power Source: Electric Power (50W)
-Voltage (V):220
-Water flow: 75GPD
-Water source: Municipal Tap Water
-Filter stages: 5 Stages PP-GAC-CTO-RO-GAC
-Water outlet: 1/4”
-Material: PET/PP/ food graded ABS
-Tank: 3.2 Gallon Pressure Tank
-Application: Commercial, Household
-Size: 10inch
-RO System Dimension: About 48 x 26 x 37 cm
-Tank Dimension: 28x28x36cm (3.2G) (BOX)
-Weight: About 14.2 KG

1. PP Sediment Filter
Function: Polypropylene filter for remove of sand, salt, silt, Dirt and Rust particles. Protect RO membrane from clogging.

2.Gac Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
Function: GAC filters are well-known for their highly efficient reduction of chlorine taste and odor, as well as other taste and odors of many organic chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

3.CTO Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
Function: Block Carbon Filters are similar in their performance to that of GAC filters, being made of fine coconut shell carbon they also do remove odors and tastes of many organic compounds, chlorine especially.

4. 75 GPD RO Membrane
Function: Effectively remove dissolved salts, dissolved organic substances (trihalomethane, its precursors, agricultural chemicals, etc.), and micro fine particles (living germs, dead germs, and many other micro fine particles) from water.

5. Post Activated Filter inline filter
Function: Taste and odor reduction from the filtered water.




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Undersink Reverse Osmosis System with Stand and experience the ultimate convenience and peace of mind when it comes to your drinking water. With its powerful filtration capabilities, compact design, and easy installation, this system is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen, ensuring your family always has access to clean, pure, and refreshing water right at your fingertips.

The system utilizes the power of reverse osmosis to effectively remove impurities, contaminants, and undesirable substances from your water. It filters out common contaminants such as chlorine, sediment, heavy metals, lead, bacteria, viruses, and more, ensuring you enjoy pure and healthy drinking water.

Compact and Space-Saving: With its sleek and compact design, this undersink system takes up minimal space under your kitchen sink, leaving you with ample room for storage. The included stand provides additional stability and allows for easy access during maintenance and filter replacement.

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Weight14 kg
Dimensions48 × 26 × 37 cm


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