Triple Housing Water Filter 10″inchi Pre Filter (White)

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Food Grade Polyropylene Clear Housing Filter
1/4″ Inlet & Outlet Internal Pipe Thread (DIAMETER ≈110MM)

Fits all standard 10″inchi filter cartridge (PP filter, Cto, carbon filter, ceramic filter, Udf filter etc)

– Durable Quality
– Fix to any universal cartridge 10″
– Low cost of cartridge replacement
– Every home must have item!
– Fix one in kitchen before water tap
– Easy purchaseable and replaceable catridge
– User-friendly
-Improve the taste, odor and turbidity of your drinki
-Reduce certain organic chemical (v.o.c’s)
-No release of carbon fines
-Reduce Cholorine & Odor & taste

Triple Housing Water Filter 10″inchi Pre Filter (Transparent White)

The triple housing configuration provides ample space for three filters, enabling multi-stage filtration for superior water purification. You can choose and combine filters based on your specific needs, such as sediment removal, chlorine reduction, odor elimination, or heavy metal reduction.

With the Triple Housing Water Filter system, you can customize your filtration process to address different contaminants present in your water supply. The multi-stage filtration helps remove sediment, rust, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other impurities, resulting in cleaner and better-tasting water.

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Weight6 kg
Dimensions6 × 34.5 × 36 cm


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