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Ultrafiltration Membrane Housing Water Whole House Water Filter

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10” Ultrafiltration Membrane Housing Water Whole House Water Filter

Food Grade Polyropylene Clear Housing Filter
3/4″ Inlet & Outlet Copper Internal Pipe Thread (DIAMETER ≈110MM)

Fits all standard 10″inchi filter cartridge (hollow fiber ,PP filter, Cto, carbon filter, ceramic filter, Udf filter etc)

-Product name: 10-inch transparent filter bottle
-Filter Element Ultrafiltration Membrane
-Flushing Washing Semi automatic sewage
-Copper Inlet & Outlet 3/4″ Brass Thread
-Colour: Clear Housing
-Product specification: 410mm 150mm 85mm
-Suitable for water temperature: 0-50
-Matching filter element: 10-inch universal filter element
-Product material: PP/PET
-Maximum pressure: 35KG
-Applicable water pressure: ≤0.4Mpa

Ultrafiltration Membrane Housing Water Whole House Water Filter

Easy to install
Reduces dirt, sand, and silt,.
Tough, durable, thick-walled clear housing.
Equipped with pressure relief button.
Service flow rates of up to 15 GPM @ 60 psi

Suitable for outdoor and Indoor of houses, restaurant, cafe and etc.
Easy to connect to cold water inlet;
Clear housing unit that allows monitoring of cartridge use
Reduces: sediment, rust, scale, dirt, course sand, sand, fine sand, extra fine sand and silt

1. It is made of high-quality hollow fiber film silk material, with high filling density and large water output;
2. Good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, and bacteria resistance.
3. The filtration accuracy is high, and the filter aperture is 0.01 microns, which can ensure the safety of drinking water.
4. The product can realize automatic sewage discharge to ensure the stability of water quality and water output.
5. The filter element does not need to be filled with protective liquid, which is convenient for transportation and storage.
6. The amount of pollution intercepted is large, and the product life is longer.
7. Drinking water tastes good and does not produce an odor or odor.
8. It has good pressure resistance, water hammer impact, and the maximum pressure resistance of the membrane wire is 8 kg.
9. Good hydrophilicity, strong anti-pollution ability, not easy to stain and block.

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Ultrafiltration Membrane Housing Water Whole House Water Filter

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions41 × 15 × 85 cm


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