Water Purifier System Stainless Steel 2 Stage System

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Flow rate: 2L/min
Body material: Stainless steel body
Body basement material: ABS (High Grade plastic)
Filtration accuracy: 0.01 micron high-precision filtration
Working pressure: 0-80 degrees

1st stage: Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter-Effectively to remove impurities, cysts, rust, mud, sediment and all particles suspended solids from the water, bacteria and filtered up to 0.01. micron

2nd stage: Active carbon Filter-Effectively removes the bad odor, chlorine from the water, improving water taste.

Filter element material: Ultrafiltration Membrane + coconut shell activated carbon filter

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Water Purifier System Easy to install, very simple and quick, no extra tools needed, simple switch lever allows quick switch from quality purified water to regular tap water.

High-quality food grade 304 stainless steel filter, more durable, more rust-resistant, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, cracking-proof, no-leakage, no-deformation.

Use sandpaper or a dish cloth to clean the sticky surface of the filter element every 7-10 days. Replace the filter element within 12 months.

Adopt double Water Purifier System filtration, the most advanced ultrafiltration technology, providing filtering accuracy of 0.01 micron ,effectively inhibit bacterial growth, improve taste, and remove lead, chlorine, dirt, sand, rust, organics, ect.

Filter life: 12 months -36 months ( Depend on the quality of water)

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