UF Membrane Hollow fiber Ultrafiltration Filter Cartridge 540mm x108mm

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UF-540mm x108mm FLOW RATE 0.5M3/Hr

Model :PW-UF-108-540
Flow Rate: 0- 3.5M3/HR
Custom requirement: OEM

UF Membrane Hollow fiber is a critical process in the field of water purification, characterized by its ability to remove particles and solutes from a liquid through a semi-permeable membrane. The fundamental principle of ultrafiltration revolves around pore size and molecular weight cut-off (MWCO). Pore sizes in UF membranes typically range from 0.01 to 0.1 micrometers, allowing them to effectively filter out contaminants such as bacteria, colloids, and some viruses, while retaining essential minerals and salts. MWCO, on the other hand, is a measure of the membrane’s capacity to retain molecules above a certain weight, usually between 1,000 to 100,000 Daltons.

Among the various types of UF membranes, hollow fiber membranes stand out due to their unique structure and efficiency. These membranes consist of numerous cylindrical strands, each resembling a hollow fiber, which collectively create a high surface area for filtration. This configuration allows for greater throughput and more effective separation of impurities. The cylindrical design of hollow fiber membranes offers several advantages, including ease of cleaning, robustness, and the ability to handle high flux rates, making them highly suitable for diverse applications.

The versatility of hollow fiber UF membranes extends to multiple industries. In water treatment, they are employed to purify drinking water and treat wastewater, ensuring the removal of harmful microorganisms and organic pollutants. The pharmaceutical industry leverages these membranes for the concentration and purification of drugs, proteins, and other biologically active compounds, maintaining high purity standards. Similarly, in the food and beverage sector, hollow fiber UF membranes are utilized for processes such as milk protein concentration, juice clarification, and the removal of bacteria from beer and wine, ensuring product quality and safety.

Overall, the adoption of UF membrane hollow fiber ultrafiltration continues to grow, driven by its effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability across various sectors. Understanding the principles and applications of these membranes is essential for optimizing filtration processes and achieving the desired outcomes in both industrial and municipal settings.


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Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions10.8 × 10.8 × 54 cm


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